Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

We offer extra-virgin olive oil in 500-mL bottles (See our Production Process below).

The choice of cultivar is of paramount importance to the Maria Bonomo extra-virgin olive oil production team. Chetoui olives are the principal variety that we currently process, due to their richness in natural compounds that are beneficial to health.

The phenolic fraction is rich in antioxidants and extends the shelf life of our product. Its richness in chlorophyll, vitamin E and other phenolic compounds gives it a better flavor note: A mixture of sweetness and astringency that makes our olive oil a unique product with a great character!

The characteristics of the Chetoui variety make our olive oil an extremely stable product, allowing even other producers to use it as a clever way for improving their blends!

Production Process :

Preliminary Process:

1. Reception of olives, inspection of their purity, oil content and maturity.

2. Unloading: After inspection and sampling, olives are transported in crates then immediately transferred to large bins.

3. Washing: Removal of debris or exogenous particles using a water bubbling process.

Preparation of olive dough:

1. Milling: Olives release oil and other compounds through the mechanical action of hammers.

2. Mixing, which occurs at a temperature < 27°C (cold extraction), is performed to extract oil and gather raw oil droplets together.

3. Extraction is performed using three-phase (oil, vegetable water and pomace) decanters/centrifuges made by Pieralisi, Italy.

4. Centrifugation: Olive oil reaching the output decanters (which still contains water) is permanently separated from water by centrifugal force.

Storage of extra-virgin olive oil:

The Maria Bonomo extra-virgin olive oil is stored in 30,000-L stainless-steel tanks. It is packaged in 500-ml bottles with the Maria Bonomo label (referring to the Maria Bonomo farm, Boujerida, Cap Bon, Tunisia).

Quality control is regularly carried out to ensure 100% satisfaction of our customers.

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